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Law Firm
Logo Design

  • ? Between 3-10 logos to choose from
  • ? Original, custom-made
  • ? Created by professional designers
  • ? Money back guarantee*

Our hand-selected, professional designers are specialized in law firm logo design. With years of experience, they will design creative solutions for your legal practice.

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law firm logos

Legal Scoops
The Summerville Firm
Alvaro Hernandez
Kimberly Shin
Cunningham Levy Muse

What makes law firm logo design different?

The key values you want to communicate for your law firm are; trustworthiness, knowledgeable, competence, strength, and decisiveness.

At the end of the day your customers need to place their trust in your firm & have the confidence that you are better than anyone in understanding their issue but also defending their position. At the same time you want to opposing parties to know that they have a strong opponent in you. This specific set of attributes makes logo design for law firms unique.

At DesignBro we understand this, and our logo designers have created numerous brands for law firms.

Professional logo design
for law firms

What law firm logo
design cost?

All law firm logo designs are custom made-to-order creations by our selected professional designers. The price depends on the amount of designs you would like to choose from. You can select any number to choose from ranging from 3 to 10. Most of our clients pick 5 logo designs to choose from.
Most popular
Number of designs to choose from 3 5 7 10
Top quality designers ? ? ? ?
Copyright on winning design ? ? ? ?
Refund policy ? ? ? ?
Blind contest ? ? ? ?
Vector (open) files ? ? ? ?
Price $199 $304 $389 $479

Add business cards and more for your law firm

Get more than just a logo. For just an additional $200, get a complete professional look for your law firm.
  • ? Logo design
  • ? Business cards
  • ? Letterhead
  • ? Envelope
  • ? Compliment slip

Law firm logo
design contest

At designbro we work based on a ‘design contest’. This means that multiple designers work on your project, and you pick the winner.

3-10 professional designs

How many designs do you want to choose from? You select the number! Designers only see their own work so you get creative and unique content.

Full copyrights & all files

You will receive the winning design’s files in multiple formats, including the ‘open vector’ files. Once complete, you will own the full copyright to your design.

Money back guarantee

We want you to be happy. That’s why we don’t call it a refund policy but our Happy Client Policy. Read more about the terms right here

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Question? Check our FAQ

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How is logo design for a law firm different?

As a law firm you want to make sure your brand comes accross as reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable while at the same time having a certain degree of authority, or 'power' as you can call it. When your clients, or opposing sides see your letterhead appear, it must invoque a subconscious feeling of 'these guys know what they're doing'.

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How much does a law firm logo design project cost?

At DesignBro, the price of a logo design project for a law firm ranges between $199 and $479 depending on the number of designs you want to choose from.

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How long does it take to create a logo for a law firm?

The initial design stage takes 10 days, this is when you receive your designs. You will be able to give feedback & communicate with the designers directly. You will then be able to pick up to 3 finalists. You will be able to work closely with these designers for an additional 5 days. After that you pick your winner & the designers uploads their files. See the full law firm logo design project timing

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Will you keep my law firm logo project a secret?

You can select the NDA option during checkout. It will cost an additional $35

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Can you also design business cards & letterhead for law firms?

Yes. You can order a brand identity project, which includes design for your; logo, letterhead, envelope, business card, and compliment slips.

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Will I own the copyright?

Yes, as a part of our general terms & conditions, the designer automatically hands over all copyrights once they are chosen as a winner.

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Where are your designers based?

Most important is that we vet all designer's recent work before they are allowed to join DesignBro. We only accept the best 5% of designers that apply. We don't believe in actively selecting where they are from, as long as their talents meet our high standards. Besides this, we do notice that the majority of our designers are from Europe & The Americas.