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Website Design

  • Between 3-10 original, custom-made website designs to choose from
  • Designs made by hand-picked, top-quality designers only
  • Quality website design offered at an affordable price
  • Money back guarantee

At DesignBro, we are highly specialized to create the best website design for your business. With years of experience in the industry, our designers are guaranteed to deliver top-quality creative solutions for your brand.

Website design

The design contest exists to let our designers compete for your business. This drives original and high-quality website design submissions. Once you select the winning design, the website design will be fully yours and delivered to you in all necessary files.

3-10 professional designs

How many designs do you want to choose from? Just pick your number. As designers won’t be able to see each other, you’ll always be guaranteed unique and creative content.

Full copyrights & all files

The chosen winning design will be delivered to you in all necessary files, and you will own the full copyrights to it.

Money back guarantee

Our biggest priority is your satisfaction. That’s why we don’t call it the refund policy, but rather our Happy Client policy. Read more about the terms right here

How it works



Creative brief

A creative brief tells us what you need. We will help you write it by presenting you with inspirational website designs, describing your business, target audience, and brand identity.



Connect with the designers

Once you have received your first website design, you will be able to connect with the designer, provide feedback and work together to present your business in the best possible way.



Pick a winner

First, you’ll pick a few designer finalists who will further work on perfecting your website design. Afterward, you’ll pick a winner who will be ready to submit the complete files.

Why website
design matters?

Did you know that today, there are about 1.94 billion active websites worldwide and that 2 out of 3 people prefer reading content that is visually appealing?

Almost half of all Internet users consider website design to be the top determinant of a business’s credibility. Therefore, to succeed in such a crowded digital landscape, a unique and highly engaging website design will be necessary.

At DesignBro, we fully understand how complex the processes of website design can be. For this reason, we are here to make your life easier. We have design experts on our team who are able to visually translate the essence of your business onto your website. With an original website design created by us, we hope to see your business reach its highest potential.
Image Website Matters

Why our designers
are qualified

Our web designers are freelance professionals with years of experience in the industry. We vet our designers to make sure you are fully satisfied with the final outcome of the project.

Portfolio submission

Designers submit their portfolios to DesignBro showing us a variety of their work in brand identity and web design fields.

Quality check

Our team carefully reviews each portfolio. Some of the criteria we look at include quality, originality of work, and design expertise.

Only the best 5%

Our team specifically selects and accepts only around 5% of all designers. This way, we can ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome of the project.

“I will definitely use DesignBro in the future and recommend it to my friends

“ DesignBro allowed us to bring our vision to life. The platform is extremely easy to navigate and the team was very helpful and fast to answer every question I had. The designer is a true professional. He was very patient and responded fast to all my requests. I will definitely use DesignBro in the future and recommend it to my friends. ”

What does website
design cost?

Select how many website designs you would like to choose from. Any number between 3 and 10. The more designs, the bigger the choice to pick your winner from. No matter what number you go for, you receive professional and original work done by top-level designers only.
Number of designs to choose from 3 5 7 10
Top quality designers
Copyright on winning design
Refund policy
Blind contest
Vector (open) files
Price $499 $604 $689 $779

Which final files
you'll recieve

We create a custom design for your website (not a working website) with all the files any web developer on earth would need. These files include:
  • Open, editable design files (such as .ai, .psd, .indd)
    for desktop and mobile sizes
  • Images in .jpg, .png, .svg or .psd
  • Color codings of the colors used
  • Free fonts specified (H1, H2 and paragraph)
  • Copyright of the design
Image Final files

Keep your project
a total secret

For just $35, you can keep your project a total secret with our non-disclosure agreement. This way, your project will stay out of any Google searches. The designers will also have to agree to the secrecy terms before being able to read your brief.

Web design
project timings

With our service, you can select to receive between 3-10 designs. Simply, the more designs you decide to choose from, the more get to pick from. Whichever amount you decide to go for, you receive professional work created by top-quality designers only.

Design Stage



You will receive your web designs and have the opportunity to provide feedback. Designers will have the chance to send updated versions. Pick maximum of 3 finalists by the end of this phase.

Finalist Stage



Finalists will have the opportunity to improve upon their website designs accordingly to your feedback. By the end of this phase, you should have picked one winner.

Receive files



The winning designer will send you the website files by the end of this phase. The files will be in multiple formats, suitable for online & print purposes (.ai, pdf, jpg and png).

Approve files



You will have the opportunity to review the files that have been sent by the designer to ensure everything is in order.

Question? Check our FAQ

+ -
Will I be getting a working website?

We will only create the overall design of your website. With this, your developer will be able to create your website.

+ -
What is included in the webdesign?

If you would like any special photographs, illustrations or specific fonts, then this is probably not included in the project price.
You can select this in your briefing while you are filling out the questions to start your website design project. No surprises.

+ -
What is a design contest?

The design contest is a way for our design professionals to compete for your business. This helps guarantee that every design submitted to you will be original, creative, and of high-quality.

+ -
Is it really only top-level designers?

Yes. We only hand-pick the top 5% of designers that apply. This not only ensures that you will be given a high-quality website design, but also that you are satisfied with the final outcome.

+ -
Can I talk to the designers?

Once you’re at the design stage, you can use the direct chat with the designers. You’ll be working together with them and giving them feedback about their design. You will not be able to have phone calls, as we want to make sure all feedback is clear & written, so there cannot be any confusion.

+ -
How soon will I receive my website design?

The first design stage will take 12 days, but you can start giving feedback as soon as you receive a design! After that you will pick between 1 and 3 finalists, and have an additional 7 days to work with them before having to pick a winner.

+ -
How many times can I ask for changes?

There is no limit on the number of changes you want to make but there is a limit on time. You can make as many changes as you’d like before the finalization stage of the project.

+ -
Who will own the winning design?

You will own 100% of the winning design. All copyrights are yours. Over any stock imagery, icons or fonts or other (free or paid) materials that have been used copyright cannot be transferred.

+ -
Will the website design ust be another template

Short answer is: No!
When you look at templates online, you constantly have to adapt your brand to make it fit within the constraints of the template. We believe this is the wrong way around. Your website should first be imagined / designed to match your brand, and should be unique! Then your developer will need to stick to the design to make that happen.

+ -
What if I need a website and a logo?

We advise you to create your logo or brand identity first. This will determine what your brand stands for and looks. After this has been done, you can easily come back & get your website designed straight after. This way we can ensure optimal synergy between the different brand touchpoints.